Flowers from a Client!

As I’m sitting here multi-tasking – listening to a webinar on SEO put on by Flyte New Media of Portland, while also responding to various client emails and scheduling questions – the front desk bell tinkled.

I don’t have a receptionist yet. Well, take that back. I AM the receptionist.

Anyway, I went up front and there was a delivery lady holding a stunning bouquet of flowers. “Linda Snyder? These are for you.”

“For me??” (Awfully smaht question… I mean, she just said they were!) “Thank you!”

I hadn’t a clue who they could be from.

As it turned out, they were from one of my favorite clients.

Two days ago, the client had said she’d need a certain document for a client meeting scheduled for yesterday. I knew the document she meant, and also knew I hadn’t had a chance to properly file it, so it was in my “To Be Filed” pile in the very front of the 2nd drawer of the file cabinet. At least, that’s what I figured.

I’d hoped to get to her office early yesterday morning to pull it for her, but have been dealing with a dog who’s not supposed to walk, jump or climb and can’t be left alone as he’d just had life-saving surgery, and I’ve been getting very little sleep as a result. So I didn’t make it to her office. But I had told my client where the document should be.

Around lunch yesterday, I got a phone call from my client. She hadn’t been able to find the document, and the meeting was beginning shortly. At that point, I was at a pet store, trying to find a better way of transporting the dog than the travel bag I’d been using, and the pet store staff were in the process of helping me.

I apologized, grabbed both the post-surgical dog and my other one and rushed to my client’s office, stuffing the little guy into the travel bag so I could bring him inside with me, rather than leaving him in the Jeep.

Found the document, everyone was happy, and I headed out – back to the pet shop.

Not a big deal, right?

But I got flowers!

(As you can see from the photos, the small conference table in my office is covered with binders filled with insurance EOBs [explanations of benefits]. Paperless society… ha!)

The little dog in the playpen is Rudi, the one who had a herniated disk in his neck. The other is Millie. They come to work with me every day.

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  1. Wait, are you saying you didn’t give John Paglio ALL your attention during the webinar! 😂


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