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A few years ago, Linda Hertell Snyder realized she’d been putting in 80 hour work weeks nearly every week since she was 18 years old.  She figured that meant she had a good 70 years of experience under her belt… pretty good for someone who was only in her 50s at that point!

Linda grew up on a farm in western Maine.  The community was so small it still had a one-room schoolhouse – and Linda ended up being the only person in her 3rd grade class.  She loved it, as the teacher pretty much left her to her own devices… and when the Bookmobile came around, Linda was able to borrow all the books she wanted from the 5th grade division (which was frustrating because the Junior High level books seemed so much more interesting!).

Linda’s great curiosity and love of learning continued…. for a high school physics assignment, she described her vision of heaven as “a never endng library, where one could read and learn until the end of time”.  Clearly, Linda was the founder of the internet, not Al Gore.

College was an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Education, and a Master’s in Adult Education, with another 18 or so credits post Master’s degree.

Over the years, Linda’s work career has taken many turns.  She’s worked as an Adult Education Guidance Counselor, as a teacher at a state mental health institution, as a grant writer and rental subsidy administrator for a non-profit, as the owner of an espresso bar (Manic Cafe), and later an antiques shop & used book store (Heritage Collectibles, Books & Maps is still in existence but no longer as a bricks & mortar shop), as a stringer for several publications including the National Enquirer (and despite her somewhat warped sense of humor, Linda never quite understood what that publication really wanted), as the CEO of an $8.7M company, as a real estate Associate Broker, and a partner in a property management company, in the social work field with kids coping with behavioral disorders, and probably more that’s temporarily been forgotten!

A committed community volunteer, Linda has served on dozens of municipal, civic and arts boards and committees, including some mayoral appointments, and has won several awards for her work.  She was even appointed by then-Governor John Baldacci to the Maine Regulatory Fairness Board.

Until recently, Linda was married to John Snyder, the love of her life, although he tragically died far too young.  She is the proud mother of a young 30-something daughter, Jessamyn, who graduated Skidmore College (in three years, and with honors!), served as her mother’s maid of honor at Linda and John’s wedding, and then like too many Maine kids these days, left for a life of adventure (and no snow) in sunny California.  Jess and her husband Josh have given Linda her first bio grandchild, who is the apple of Mummu’s eye… and even better, the family recently moved back to Maine, which has brought great joy to Linda’s heart.

Heritage Health Services is the result of a year and a half of practice management consulting work, during which time Linda recognized a clear need for office supports that focus on helping individual practitioners develop a clear business strategy and systems that allow her clients to concentrate on the parts of their business at which they excel, while leaving the more mundane details to others.

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