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Coming soon…The TherapyBiz Journal, covering the business side of your therapy practice.

We’ll betcha dollars to doughnuts that you didn’t become a therapist so you could spend half of your time doing paperwork, chasing down insurance and client payments, and learning the more technical aspects of running a business. Nope, not quite what you’d envisioned.

But the reality is that being a therapist in private practice means you have a business, you’re managing a business, and – like it or not – you have to act like you’re running a business.

Our upcoming TherapyBiz e-letter will provide critical and useful information on a wide variety of business topics in areas you probably have neither the time nor the inclination to research on your own. TherapyBiz will be published monthly.

Anticipated topics include:
… the business side of running a business: taxes, expenses, insurances, office space, payroll and HR, etc
… marketing & advertising (yes, there’s a difference!)
… quality assurance
… interviews with clinicians with cool ideas, doing cool things

Fee Structure

Individual subscription: $ 125 annually
Small organization (2-6 clinicians on staff): $ 75 per clinician*
Medium organization (7-19 clinicians on staff): $ 65 per clinician*
Large organization (20+ clinicians on staff): $ 55 per clinician*
Affiliate organizations (insurance, billing etc) $ 295 annually

  • You can subscribe to TherapyBiz even if you’re not a licensed clinician. And for organizations, there are definite advantages to purchasing more subscriptions as you’ll find below.

Benefits of Subscribing.

In addition to receiving fascinating information on business management (well, we consider it fascinating, but we’re told not everyone shares our excitement for the more technical aspects of running a business), you’ll have the opportunity to place ads in TherapyBiz – whether you’re searching for new employees, touting a special insurance plan, advertising a fund-raising event, or showcasing an honor you’ve won.

We don’t have all the numbers worked out yet but they’ll be something like this: Small organizations purchasing 2 or more ads within 4 months will be able to get those ads at 40% off the regular price, Medium-sized organizations will be able to do so for 50% off and Large organizations will get a 60% discount.

Affiliate organizations purchasing an annual subscription will be able to post ads for 40% off when buying 2 or more ads within 4 months.

Advertising parameters will be available soon.

Please Note: We will not ever sell our mailing list.

Current Staff & Clients.

Current staff and clients of Heritage Health Services will receive a free subscription for as long as they remain an active staff member or client, and as referenced in the HHS employment agreement or HHS client contract.

Founding Members!

The first 50 subscribers – individual or organization – will automatically become founding members, and will receive 50% off their first subscription, no matter how many clinicians you have on staff! What a DEAL!


We’re happy to publish original writing, poetry or other material related to the therapy biz. Writing can be fiction or non-fiction, although non-fiction that focuses on the business of therapy is preferred. Ideas include: how you resolved a difficult client issue, aspects of a therapeutic methodology that you find compelling, ideas for client engagement, requests for collaborative thinking, interviews with best practice leaders, how to create a podcast, etc.


Looking for a clinician to add to your practice or agency? Have available office space? Do you offer great insurance plans for solo practitioners?

Advertise in TherapyBiz! Call Linda M. Snyder, MS, President/CEO at 207.740.2247 for information!


We expect to publish our first issue of TherapyBiz in March of 2020.

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