Payments & Collections

We are firm believers that therapists should not engage in collecting payments from their clients, that this can interfere with the therapeutic relationship, especially when those payments may not be readily forthcoming.

It doesn’t matter whether the client is a MaineCare recipient with a $2.00 co-pay, a private pay client, or someone with health insurance coverage but has deductibles, co-pays and other possible issues.

Let us take that concern off your shoulders. We can meet with your clients and discuss how their sessions will be paid for, and we can then do any follow up necessary to track down missing payments, and make recommendations on any next steps.

Among our insurance company-related services are:
… monitor insurance deductibles, client co-pays and claims
… follow up insurance non-payments and any submitted invoice that has not been paid in a reasonable period of time
… for insurances that you’re not credentialed with, determine whether billing out of network is possible, and if so, is it feasible

Cost of This Service:

Our hourly fee for our Payments & Collections service is $25.00, billed in quarter hour increments, with weekly invoices emailed to you on Sunday evenings.

If you choose to combine this service with basic office supports (see the Practice/Office Management tab), the hourly fee is $22.50, also billed in quarter hour increments.

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