Please Note: At this time we have decided against providing MaineCare services. There are many other good quality agencies that offer extensive MaineCare services and programs, and we would gladly refer you to one of them!

Heritage Health Services will offer MaineCare reimbursable outpatient counseling and therapy through “affiliate” clinicians.

Affiliates are counselors who are not employed by our agency, but contract with us to provide billing services, quality assurance and other supports such as clinical supervision. A large percentage of counselors in Maine contract with agencies like ours so they can focus on their clients (both MaineCare and private insurance), rather than the billing and other paperwork that is so time-consuming.

If you have MaineCare, you may in the future see our name on some of your counselor’s forms and other paperwork. There’s no impact on you or your services, except of course, your clinician may have more flexibility in his (or her) schedule, because he could be spending less time dealing with the business end of his therapy practice!

Licensed Therapists (LCSWs, LCPCs, etc): Heritage Health Services has been providing office management services to a select clientele for nearly two years.

We have found that the clinicians we work with are very satisfied with the sincere interest we take in helping them manage their practice, and with the constant communication and attention to upcoming problems that may arise.

In addition, Linda Snyder, the CEO of Heritage Health Services has extensive experience both in running a mental health agency and in general business, so is able to offer practical business tips, ideas and supports that may not be found with other support organizations.

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