This page is still under construction… please check out our other pages to get a sense of what’s on the horizon.

Heritage Health Services expects to hire for a number of positions beginning in late 2022. We apologize, but for the foreseeable future, all positions will necessarily be part-time only, with no benefits.

Complete job descriptions will be available soon; in the meantime, please refer to the brief descriptions below, as well as the specific page from the task bar above.

Anticipated positions include the following:

Office Management.

A quick list of typical responsibilities include:

… Oversees the therapist’s daily & weekly routines.
… Manages billing procedures & reconciliations, debt collections (from both clients and insurance companies).
… Manages patient records and quality assurance.
… May include appointment scheduling, filing, organizing and occasional cleaning.

A job description will be coming soon, but in the meantime, for more information please go to the Practice Management section found at the top of any page for more information on how this will work. Generally, at least for the foreseeable future, Practice Management itself will be performed by a Heritage Health Services C-level staff, with a part-time Office Manager handling the more routine duties.

An Office Manager may be assigned to a single therapist, or to several, depending on the need and scheduling availability.

Please Note: Most independent therapists and other clinical/medical personnel schedule clients beginning around 9:00 am, and work through 6:00 or 7:00 pm. Independent therapists ordinarily maintain their files and computers in the same space as their therapy practice, meaning office work must be done at times when the therapist is not seeing clients. Therefore, an Office Manager will need to be extremely flexible in scheduling his or her time.

Office Assistant.

The Office Assistant’s duties are typically entry-level type, short-term projects such as filing and organizing client charts, data entry, calling current or former clients for check-ins, sending out monthly invoices, etc.

Otherwise, please review the Office Manager description above for more general information.


The Credentialist does the background work needed for therapists, physicians and others to be able to bill insurance companies independently or under the auspices of a clinical or medical practice.

This work has become more complicated recently, as insurance companies are changing their platforms, and many offer no opportunities for discussion with a live person who can answer questions (although there are exceptions). Anyone engaging in this work must exhibit very strong organizational skills and attention to detail, as well as perseverance.

Credentialing can ordinarily be done remotely or from the HHS offices. Experience is necessary, although even so, the Credentialist may need to work closely and in-person with the HHS CEO or other designated staff while first getting up to speed.

As with all of our positions, this will be part-time with no benefits available for the immediate future.

Respite Staff or Companions

As soon as a contract is approved by the State of Maine, one of our clients expects to open a service providing foster homes for individuals on the autistic spectrum. Those foster home providers will need trained, professional respite companions for the persons living with them. We also plan to offer respite staff to other organizations providing similar services as well as families needing trustworthy support for a family member of their own, such as a senior or temporarily disabled person.

Respite companions provide a valuable service, in that they give care-givers a break, as well as adding a larger sense of community into the life of the one needing the extra support.

Education & Experience, Background Checks, Certifications, etc.

Heritage Health Services will expect each applicant to provide evidence that they are qualified and ready to work. This will ordinarily include a resume with cover letter, a completed employment application, copies of any current certifications, written references or reference contact info, and a release to do a background check.

Please remember that every contact you have with Heritage Health Services is part of the interview process.

With that said, we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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