Extra Furniture for Sale (SOLD!)

I purchased these two pieces at auction for one of our offices – and then later found a chair and side table I liked better.

Since they take up a lot of room in a small office, I’d just as soon have them go to someone who can use either the recliner or the side table (or both). I’m not looking to get more than what they cost me… I just want to free up some space!

The burgundy patterned chair is wicked comfortable, and has a manual recliner which works, although it’s a bit stiff. Oh! And it rocks, too! Right now I’ve put a wedge in the back so no one will try to recline, since there’s not enough room for that, and the walls here were just painted. No need to bang them up already!

The side table is solid, with plenty of surface room for a nice table lamp, and your coffee, snacks, remote, newspaper, or what have you! It also has a double drawer that you can scoop everything into in order to tidy up in a hurry. That’s no reflection on my brand of housekeeping, of course! 🙂


The recliner is in very good condition with the manual recliner lever being a bit stiff as noted above. It does have a small hole on the side of the seat as seen in the photo. (DIY fix: clear nail polish! Yuh, another of my housekeeping tricks!)

The side table is in really good condition although it does have a few dings that aren’t really noticeable unless you’re looking for them. The drawer opens and closes easily.


As you can imagine from viewing the photos, the recliner takes up a fair amount of space as such chairs do, particularly when in the reclining position. This chair was too large to fit into my Jeep Liberty, even if I hadn’t gotten the side table, too. However, a pick-up will transport it just fine.

The side table measures 22″wide x 27″deep x 21″tall with one double drawer.


The recliner is $35.00.

The side table is $15.00.

Or you can purchase both for $40.00 and save $10.00.

For more information, call or text Linda at 207 / 740.2247.

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